Fishing - Fischerei in Irland

You can fish on the River Shannon and its lakes without any licence. The nearest town to our base is Athlone, here you can rent out fishing rods. Irishmen love fishing our waterways, with various different breeds to fish for its a popular past time. Most common breeds on the River Shannon is Pike, trout, perch and roach.

Walks - Spektakuläre Spaziergänge

Walk through the old Irish landscape breathing in the fresh country air. Take the scenic route venturing down our narrow roads. Acknowledge the wildness and abundance of nature. 

Festivals - Irische Feste

During our cruising season there is many festivals taking place from north and south of our base at Killinure Point. From a good Fleadh Cheoil (Irish music festival) to river festivals. They are all to be enjoyed by tourists and locals together bringing fantastic atmosphere to our villages and towns.

History - Irische Geschichte

The history immersed on the River Shannon is incredible. You will find hidden castles and old monasteries throughout your cruise. Our landscape showing off old stone buildings and churches with some dating back further than the pyramids. Remembering our waterways were once occupied by vikings using the river to raid old monasteries. You won't be disappointed to see how natural we have left our history to this present day.

Night Life - Irisches Nachtleben und ältester Pub

The Irish have made there own mark on the world when it comes to music and dance. This can be seen across our pub culture. To get that night where you witness a true Irish musician playing in a real Irish pub will be an unforgettable memory and experience. Not only is the Irish people known for a good pint of Guinness but the oldest pub in Ireland and maybe the world is on the banks of the River Shannon called Sean's bar. It dates back to 900 A.D. and only takes 45 minutes cruising from our base at Quigley's Marina. 

Cruising - Kreuzfahrt auf den Wasserstraßen


A boating holiday on the River Shannon is full of excitement and usually new experiences. Cruising through Irish towns and villages entering and exiting your first lock. Being a skipper of your own vessel. All these memories made with your closest friends and family. Coming from a stressful job or a busy city the Shannon gives you that open space to relax and remind yourself of the simple things in life. 

Golf - Golf spielen

There is several different golf courses along your cruise. This type of holiday is getting very popular along our river. Usually the golf course has a nearby jetty to park up your cruiser. The golf courses are usually hotels which provide restaurants and a bar licence for a simple night of dinning.

Swimming - Schwimmen im Shannon

Our waterways contain fresh water. It is used very often for swimming activities such as triathlons. Children and tourists love a good dip on a summers sunny day! 

Water park - Wasserparks

The largest water park in Ireland is located on Lough Ree at Hodson bay hotel. Bay sports is fun for adults and children.