safety on the shannon

Defibrillator - @ Killinure Point

New to Quigley's Marina in 2017 - Heart Defibrillator.


Located to the right of the main office door (Beside the barrier)

Valuable piece of information for anybody venturing around the Innerlakes or Lough Ree. This machine could potentially save somebody's life.

AED machines are lightweight, portable devices that can jump start a persons heart by using an electrical pulse called a biphasic shock. Guiding the rescuer with a combination of simple and clear voice, text and graphical instructions, AEDs do nearly all of the work, enabling practically anyone save a life!

  • Calling 911 is necessary, but the wait for first responders may take too long.
  • Businesses with their own AED machines on site have the ability to respond, and to respond fast.

Quigley's Marina